🌸Welcome to Annies♡Cabin where she shares her stories and white magic with you🌸peintures-aquarelle-faite-par-mes-soins-3920451-numerisation0002-17-4c2f0_big

"C'era una volta......"

Anita, a shy girl who lives in a cabin by the lake. She builded a tree house in the garden for the pixies, fairies, elfs who always come to visit and eat all the homa baked sweets 🙊

Even though Annie is always sick has to stay in cabin most of the time, she is always busy...
💙She enjoys spend time reading about white magic in the garden, hosting tea party for her magical fairy friends, creating new beauty products, writing and drawing by the river for her blog, growing magical herbs...
💫You will learn all about them throughout her stories in this blog💋
♠ She learned fae spells from fairy friends. 
♥ Miss Flora taught her beauty spells🌠
♥ Gnome Nano taught her to grow her own magical herbs🌹
🐰➳She has created a beauty line called AnniesCabin™ with her knowledge in white spells and homegrown magical herbs♥