Easter Bunny

Happy Easter bunnies!💕8453245_orig
i hope y'all have a wonderful easter!

i had my very own easter celebration last week with my 💟honey bunny! ♥

he surprised me with this ↓
‍Φas you can see...

chocolate and candies 😀

as well as a easter eggs hunt♥

i am so lucky

oh and my new cuddly 🐰Rosie🎀 ♥

since today is actually easter sunday🐰

i decided to pick up a special surprise basket for my man as thank you ♥

so this is what i prepared 😘


as you can see i picked up some healthier and fun stuff,
💩...instead of all the junk foods teehee ♣

♦ 1 ◊

Proraso beard oil👨🏻
(the tiny yellow box)
♥ the reason why i bought this is because my boyfriend has a beard...
also he usually used hair conditioner for his beard
so hopefully this will help
♥ also i checked,
they do not test on animals 🐰

♦ 2 ◊

Life Brand Batman toothbrush

long story short,
he stole my toothbrush and broke it...
now he gets his very own electric toothbrush 🖖🏻

♦ 3 ◊

Lemon herbal tea 🍵

♦ 4 ◊

Ombra Spa soft ph Foam Bath 🛁

♦ 5 ◊

Nivea Blueberry Lip Butter 💄

♦ 6 ◊

Awake Caffeinated Chocolate Caramel 🍫

♦ 7 ◊

Febreze Car Fresher 🚘

♦ 8 ◊

Clorets gum ⍟

♦ 9 ◊

Mixed Gummies 🍬

♦ 10 ◊

alo Aloe Vera pulp and juice🍹

its one of our favourite drinks


i picked up a few makeup items for myself as well♥


♠ these are a few new products from NYX
♥NYX is one of my favourite drugstore products
and here is why√
NYX is a 100% cruelty free makeup line company
which means none of their products is tested on animals🙅🏼
most drugstore makeup company are tested on animals and not the best quality 

♦ NYX Color Concealer

◊NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick
Life's A Beach

♦ NYX butter Lipstick
Fun Size

i will update my review in my next blog♥

see ya🌹

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